Love & Bubbles Brut


30 % Chardonnay from Ecueil,

70 % Pinot Noir from Ecueil and Rilly


Love & Bubbles
Rosé Brut

Pinot Noir from Ecueil,
15 % Red wine


Size:          750 ml
Alcohol:       12%

Size:          750 ml
Alcohol:       12%


“LOVE & BUBBLES BRUT has a fresh tint of

exotic fruit with a deliciously complex

aftertaste of classic nougat.”



“LOVE & BUBBLES ROSÉ BRUT has a tempting

flavour of red berries, strawberries and minerals

followed by a pleasant and appealing bitter finish”



The world’s most lovable Champagne


We wanted to create the world’s most loving champagne.


Only you can determine if we have succeeded, but our wish is that you will find Love & Bubbles to be true enjoyment when it is at its best.


A bottle filled with bubbling love.


Love & Bubbles supports controlled foundations and organisations working actively with LGBT-issues and diversity for all.


Love is all.

a product of Love & Bubbles AB



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Magnus Fritzell

Kris Ledel

Max Alm


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